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  1. Evernote: You make a beautiful product. It's clean, well-organized, and highly available across platforms. However, I just can't handle the formatting issues anymore. Copying from my notes-taking app into any number of Microsoft Office applications is a must for me. When I copy from Evernote, this happens: Original in Evernote (created here using the forum formatting tools): testtest testtest test testtest testtest testtesttest testOriginal copied from Evernote and pasted into an Outlook email or Word doc: test test test test test testtest testtest testtest test testAlso, more often than not, the font size changes drastically. I have been holding out for a year or so waiting to see if a fix would be offered, but Evernote's product development focus seems to be on keeping users within the Evernote universe (work chat, shared notebooks, etc.). I mean, I guess it makes sense, why would you want to make the process of someone taking content out of Evernote more efficient? But unfortunately, playing nicely with other apps (ESPECIALLY an app as ubiquitous as Microsoft Word) is on my must-have list. So, I'm off to find Evernote's replacement.
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