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  1. I found pinch zoom and single fingertip scrolling works for me. If they add a default font setting I will use it. I tried a template method but at times the font would reset to the small default font.
  2. Hello PinkElephant! That is how I find notes with unchecked boxes. I use CONTAINS incomplete to-dos. The problem in this thread is how to find the unchecked box within the note. If the note is simple, I can see the tickboxes but sometimes I cannot find them by eye among all the words. Nomadic uses "dothis" and until recently I was using "TDTD" as something searchable within the note. But I find it easy to create the tick box and a searchable marker as I type without have to do finger gymnastics for the box and multiple characters for the marker. Now I can turn a sentence into a tickbox and know that I will find it again. Cheers, T
  3. Now, rather than type "dothis" or "TDTD," I type [] space _ Evernote turns [] into a tickbox when I press space, and _ is fast to type. I search for incomplete "incomplete to dos" and _ and I'm done. Evernote highlights the _ and I know where every tickbox is.
  4. I am using the iPad app and the legacy desktop. My font size fix on the iPad is to start a note with "1{return}{return}1{return}" like this ... 1 1 I select all, set the font to 30--I have the 9.7 inch--and put my new content between the 1s. The font stays large between the 1s, but can revert to the small default font after them if you edit later on the iPad.
  5. Hello, I know this thread is super old, but, here is my workaround. Out of my 25,000 and more notes, I have 190 with open checkboxes. I want to clean these--the ancient lists that expired long ago. Moving forward, when I create a check box I add TDTD, which stands for "to do to do" so I can search for open checkboxes *and* tdtd. But for the old notes...now and then when I clean up my Evernote I search for open checkboxes, sort by date and open the oldest 10 notes. One by one, I copy the whole note and paste it into MS Word. The checkboxes become []. When I search for those in Word, I find the words near the checkbox, and I search for those words in the note. At some point my Evernote will be clean and active checkboxes will have TDTD in them that lets me search within the note without the copy/paste into Word.
  6. Easygreenus: I'm sad for everyone in your position. I attended Stacey Harmon's webinar about the new Evernote and it seems that *local* notebooks are gone forever. My notes: what is not returning? Local notebooks; presentation mode; context; scansnap evernote edition firmware and software; outlook clipper At present, none of those bother me. However, if my employer forbids online notebooks someday, I will have to find another tool/system too. *edited to be precise--See DT Low, below.
  7. This is the most recent post I found about searching the trash. I am running a Mac with version 7.14. I started deleting the trash (about 5700 notes) doing one year each day starting with 2014 and now I only have trash for 2019, 2020, and 2021 so far. I spied something in the trash I did not mean to delete. (Maintenance notes about my car for the last two years.) I wanted to search the trash, but cannot. The notes show the original location and single notes cannot be restored to a new location. One thing not mentioned to the OP is that when we select multiple trash items, we get the "Move Note to" button and can restore them to a new notebook. I decided to create a "Trash-Pending" notebook and put the trash in there. I'm thankful we do not have to mess up our notebooks by returning all this trash to the original notebook. I'm going to move my remaining trash to my Trash-Pending notebook and not rush to put things in trash--given that we cannot search the trash. In seven years, this was the first time I wanted to search it and it surprised me that I could not. At least there is an easy fix. PS I see that merging notes puts them in a new note and sends the originals to the trash. I will move notes to Trash-Pending and let Evernote move pre-merged originals to Trash.
  8. Hello: I reached a turning point last night that set me free from OneNote once and for all. I started with Evernote in 2009 but became a serious user in 2013. OneNote is a dying system as far as I'm concerned because all cloud all the time does not work for me. I can not get ON it to work if my internet falters I Last night I realized that putting Excel files in an Evernote gives me everything I want. I start with Evernote notes and when I need to draw, write and solve equations, etc. I just open the Excel attachment. Excel has ink and I set the grid to be square graph paper with light blue lines. I'm done with OneNote eating my work! I join this chat because I found that selecting all in OneNote let me past the information into the Excel attachment in two ways: as a picture (preserves the look of the original onenote) and as "information" which is a messy mix of images and text. Perhaps mixing this method will help the original poster to get everything moved to Evernote. PS, I have a standard note with the Excel "graph paper" file blank and a Word file blank (so I can use the equation editor) sitting in my inbox. When I think "OneNote" I duplicate this Evernote, update the title and go to work without worry. Also, I use penultimate with ipad and pencil for true handwriting notes.
  9. I'm glad it works for you. 🙂 There are lots of services I'd pay $1 a month for, few at $5 or more monthly. Evernote-yes! G suite-yes!. Meetme.so -- yes! Each of these revolutionized my work and productivity. Paying as much for Filterize as for Gsuite, no. Well, we each have our profession, our budgets, our needs, our values. I don't want to wake up paying $1000 annually for tiny add ons. Of course I'll do the free trial and see if it is worth it to me. It might be! Thanks!
  10. Always good to hear about new tools for automating things we must do, thanks!
  11. Although I have used forward for months now, the FW: in the subject line is annoying. I just found that using REDIRECT in the rules does not add the FW: to the subject line and I'll use that from this moment onward in Outlook Preferences/Rules for the BCC to myself.
  12. Hello, I know this thread is old but I'm using Outlook and Evernote on MAC and I don't want to do 2 steps -- BCC self and forward from Sent. 1) under Outlook preferences/composing turn on BCC myself 2) Under Outlook preferences/rules do 2 things: for all incoming mail from myself, a) forward to evernote, and b) archive the message immediately. This gets it to evernote and out of my inbox. I have all the mail header and information this way. I do not have two steps this way. Outlook takes care of the mess. (One of the rare good things I have to say about Outlook.) I keep 3 lines in a sticky note, with each line set to tomorrow's date. I can triple click, copy and paste the line into the subject line before I sent new mail or replies. !2019/02/25 @!actionIU #important #urgent <<reminder is usually today or tomorrow !2019/02/25 @!actionI #important <<edit the date for the reminder--it's usually farther out than tomorrow !2019/02/25 @!actionU #urgent << most action urgent things I do immediately --if 10 min or less--and I don't add this to the subject line. Then the reply goes to the default notebook. But If I have to delay for hours, I set the reminder and let the forward go to the urgent notebook. All other messages go to the default notebook for incoming mail and I periodically send them to the right notebook for storage. When I finish items I remove the urgent and important tags and send them to the right notebook.
  13. I have evernote 6.13 on my macbook pro with Sierra 10.12.6 and suddenly print to pdf gives me a PDF file with no note title. On my desktop iMAC print to pdf show the title. Any way I can get the titles to appear when printing to PDF on the macbook?
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