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  1. Hello: I reached a turning point last night that set me free from OneNote once and for all. I started with Evernote in 2009 but became a serious user in 2013. OneNote is a dying system as far as I'm concerned because all cloud all the time does not work for me. I can not get ON it to work if my internet falters I Last night I realized that putting Excel files in an Evernote gives me everything I want. I start with Evernote notes and when I need to draw, write and solve equations, etc. I just open the Excel attachment. Excel has ink and I set the grid to be square graph paper with light blue l
  2. I'm glad it works for you. 🙂 There are lots of services I'd pay $1 a month for, few at $5 or more monthly. Evernote-yes! G suite-yes!. Meetme.so -- yes! Each of these revolutionized my work and productivity. Paying as much for Filterize as for Gsuite, no. Well, we each have our profession, our budgets, our needs, our values. I don't want to wake up paying $1000 annually for tiny add ons. Of course I'll do the free trial and see if it is worth it to me. It might be! Thanks!
  3. Always good to hear about new tools for automating things we must do, thanks!
  4. Although I have used forward for months now, the FW: in the subject line is annoying. I just found that using REDIRECT in the rules does not add the FW: to the subject line and I'll use that from this moment onward in Outlook Preferences/Rules for the BCC to myself.
  5. Hello, I know this thread is old but I'm using Outlook and Evernote on MAC and I don't want to do 2 steps -- BCC self and forward from Sent. 1) under Outlook preferences/composing turn on BCC myself 2) Under Outlook preferences/rules do 2 things: for all incoming mail from myself, a) forward to evernote, and b) archive the message immediately. This gets it to evernote and out of my inbox. I have all the mail header and information this way. I do not have two steps this way. Outlook takes care of the mess. (One of the rare good things I have to say about Outlook.) I k
  6. I have evernote 6.13 on my macbook pro with Sierra 10.12.6 and suddenly print to pdf gives me a PDF file with no note title. On my desktop iMAC print to pdf show the title. Any way I can get the titles to appear when printing to PDF on the macbook?
  7. A parting comment: just this week I got wonderful help from Evernote support about the Outlook clipper on windows. I couldn't type spaces into the title for the note in the clipper. Had to uninstall/reinstall the software. I doubt they will return multiple message clipping as we are getting close to a year since the change. I call this a parting comment, because I've left PCs behind and am using a MAC now and have to forward mail to evernote from now on anyway.
  8. I think Boerma might have been referring to the "Failed to load clients request" error. For that error, which a few emails cause but most do not, I just forward the email to my evernote address. I've given up on sending multiple messages to evernote and just send them one at a time. I have to turn off "save all messages" in the thread and just click the top one. The clipper will send messages in a conversation to evernote--along with attachments--over and over again whenever another person responds to the email thread. That was causing my sync lag. I have a Lenovo yoga that a student
  9. I've had whole OneNote notebooks get corrupted with so much information lost it wasn't worth using the notebook again. When I turn to OneNote, I immediately export a pdf and a package in the hope that I can get the information again. So I use Evernote. Once I lost all my tags and I quit using it for six months. But I didn't lose the notes. Not happy about the new clipper, but I've adjusted. I don't expect multi email clipping to return; if it does I'll be overjoyed. Outlook disables my clipper every few starts. I just re-enable it and carry on.
  10. wholymoly: did you have those problems in Evernote or OneNote? Those sound like my OneNote problems. I mean your point 1 and point 2.
  11. Just minutes ago I installed the lastest update. Bulk email to EN is not back. I think they don't want to this...the current clipper seem optimized for tablets and touch, not keyboard/mouse. That's my opinion. I'd like to turn off the conversations mode but I expect that will stay "always on" too. Part of my reported issue with EN not responding was that, as a conversation grew and more attachments were sent back and forth, each set I sent to EN had the full conversation list and a growing, duplicated set of attachments. On opening a note so I could tag it, EN was indexing all the at
  12. You can add any app to Outlook (if you have permissions) using this link: https://store.office.com/help/addoutlookapps.aspx The Evernote for Outlook app is on that page.
  13. To asfg812: When I tried I didn't read carefully and went to Office 365, which I do not have. When you start the process, you can click on the (If you do not have 365 or are unsure click here) and it will take you through the process for adding the app. My organization used Exchange; therefore, only an Exchange administrator can add apps. I'll have to stay with the Clipper.
  14. kimbere: When I get that error, 1) I sigh 2) I forward the email to evernote I get that on some messages, for me it's a rare event. I blame the message and not the clipper. (Maybe I'm wrong.) :-)
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