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  1. Tinks-thank you for the suggestion! I didn't find the previous version on filehippo but did find it here:: http://download.cnet.com/Evernote/3000-2381_4-10425994.html for anyone who needs it. I uninstalled EN and then installed this old version (I did backup my notebooks first but that turned out to be unnecessary). Sooooo much happier! The old green button is back in Outlook along with the multiclip functionality. Even the GUI of the old pop up is nicer. Much cleaner and easier to use. I really don't like anything about this update! The updated version looks clunky and is more cumbers
  2. Well, I had opened a ticket and this is what I said I also attached pics. This was their response last week So apparently, they only read/cared about my #3. Then I got notification that my issue has been resolved! Ridiculous. I was just about to sign up for premium too since I just bought a scansnap. Maybe I won't now. And why in the world would they have disabled the ability to clip multiple emails in the first place? If someone doesn't use it, they don't have to use it! Why would you DECREASE a feature set?
  3. OK, I just noticed that if I actually OPEN the email then I can send it to Evernote. That is ridiculous! This will take quite a lot of time! And the formatting is not near as nice as the previous version. Body is now center aligned instead of left aligned with quite a bit more white space. This is not nice for viewing at a glance. (I am comparing order confirmations from the same company where they all look alike in Outlook). It is also adding breaks between shading lines-it didn't used to have problems rendering those.
  4. I'm having the same issues. This needs to be fixed immediately! This is a HUGE productivity issue. I often have multiple order confirmations that go into the same folder with the same tag and to do them individually is an unacceptable waste of time! Does evernote read these forums?? Anyway, saving email one at a time is a moot point since even that give me an 'internal error'.
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