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  1. Thanks - this is the conclusion I've come to as well - that nothing really exists to make reading long-form content stored in Evernote easier. Maybe I should dust off my app skills
  2. Thanks - this is one of the options I've considered. I do own a Kindle and love it as a reading device, but I really like the searchability of Evernote combined with how easy it is to get content into it. It would be unfortunate to read something on the Kindle and then think of it weeks later and not be able to turn to EN for easy searchability. Do you manage your "read it later" list this way?
  3. Thanks - yes I do double-tap on the note body, but this still results in text that is too small to read comfortably. I wish the iPad app had Clearly built into it. Short of that I'm hoping that somebody has a brilliant app suggestion.
  4. Hi folks - I'm looking for a "Readability for Evernote Notes" iPad app Do you have any recommendations for apps to make reading long-form notes in Evernote easier? The EN iPad app does not let one adjust font size without affecting the underlying note, and I prefer a large font for reading. Ability to easily somehow mark notes as 'already read' (e.g. by tag or notebook) would be nice but not required. I'm new to this forum but not to EN - I searched around but most results revolve around getting content into EN not around making existing content easier to read. Thanks for any advice,Ryan
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