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  1. HI. My first post. This is more of a feature request. Has anyone used Omnifocus 2 for Mac. Not a perfect application, but it has one feature that I believe would transfer over to Evernote and improve usability immensely. It's the Quick Open Feature, similar to search, but it opens directories within the app e.g. projects, folders etc. I click CMD + O and open a specific folder or context. This would be fantastic for EN. I heavily use the tag system, and it can be cumbersome drilling into the exact tag combination I need. Imagine clicking CMD + O and typing in the tag/s you want and it opens that combination within EN. Or I'm in a notebook and want to go to another, again, CMD + O type in notebook (add autosuggestion to make it quicker!), clicker return and off the app goes to that location. Or, using the autosuggestion, CMD + O, I type in name a folder e.g. Inbox + the tag I want, To Process, and EN opens all the notes in my inbox tagged To Process. What do you think? On a side note, I like the new aesthetic of the dark sidebar.
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