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  1. This is great info! Thank you. I really like using the course title/number to keep the master note with the courses. Looks professions too.
  2. Being able to add people to work chat would be a great feature for me as well. I'm working with relief organizations in several countries. Being able to add team members to our work chats would be very helpful.
  3. Hello, New Evernote user hear. I'm a teacher and I've created a course notebook on my iPad. Inside the notebook I have saved 15 classes to teach at an upcoming conference overseas. I've numbered the classes 1-15 in the class title. However, the numbers arrange out of order. The show up 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, then 2-9. How do I get them to simply arrange 1-15? I have them arranged by title. Thank you for your help.
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