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  1. Hello All, If you are a Google Inbox user, you can use the Snoozever script to send mails snoozed in Google Inbox, automatically to EN. I have changed this script somewhat to get it working in Gmail, and let it fit my personal needs. What i have changed: Instead of a tag, the mails i am sending to EN have a reminder set to the next day (so they show up in my reminders list) When i want to send a mail to EN i apply the label Evernote. The script will send the mail to EN and will remove this label afterwards, as i would like to archive mails myself...Below you will find the code, if you would like to use it, please feel free to do so, installing is easy, follow the instructions on Snoozever.com, and choose for yourself which script you would like to use ;-) If you have adapted the script to fit YOUR needs, please post the changes! Here's my script: function snoozever() { /*********************************************** * SETTINGS ***********************************************/ var evernoteEmail = 'XXX@m.evernote.com'; var notebook = ' '; var reminder = '!tomorrow'; /*********************************************** * ACTION ***********************************************/ // Get snoozed threads var threads = GmailApp.search('label:Evernote'); // Loop of snoozed threads for(i in threads){ // Get last message of threads var message = threads.getMessages()[threads.getMessageCount()-1]; //Forward last message to evernote message.forward(evernoteEmail, { subject: 'To do: '+message.getSubject()+' '+reminder+' '+notebook }); // Remove Label var myLabel = GmailApp.getUserLabelByName('Evernote'); var threads = myLabel.getThreads(); for (var x in threads) { var thread = threads[x]; thread.removeLabel(myLabel); } }}
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