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  1. as i'm digging in more, i'm not loving the default logic for how email threads are represented; there seems to be duplicative content. so the request would be: when i'm creating a note from a email chain, i'd like the default setting to include the content as it appears in the outlook msg, so that i don't have to wade through duplicative messages in the evernote note. thanks for considering.
  2. the new outlook clipper has some nice features. i like the ability to add a note with some thoughts on my next action. one quibble, though... previously, when you generated a note, you could click enter to save the note. now, the focus is on the subject text box, so i've got to mouse over to save the note. i often do a big sweep and generate a bunch of notes in a row, and this slows me down. could you put the focus back on the "save" button by default? or provide a keyboard shortcut for save? thanks for considering. dan
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