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  1. There are decisions under uncertainty that companies make that are only later found to be serious mistakes but that are difficult to reverse.  Beware Evernote: You are playing with fire.  You have lit an explosive on both ends.  You have a short-fuse to make the new interface work.  And, for the reasons  below, you are burning up your customers' faith, trust, and the company's brand equity.

    Evernote is still leaving the Sword of Damocles over the heads of users for whom the new interface is a complete deal-breaker.  

    First, there is no guarantee that the old interface will be kept.  Second, there is no guarantee the company won't eventually force all users to adopt it.  Third, there is no guarantee that customer concerns and recommendations regarding how to improve the new interface will be considered and acted up.  Fourth, there is every reason to suppose that Evernote will not take them fully into account when the new interface clearly has been shaped not as a design artifact but instead as an aesthetic fashion statement that merely follows the current trend initiated by Jony Ives at Apple.

    What basis do users have for continued loyalty?  For trust?  I respectfully suggest you change your portrait to one that makes you look like a serious person who has the appropriate humility to represent your company in the service of its customers.

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