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  1. Hi, OP back here three years later. The Spotlight index is working for me under El Capitan. However, I see all my notes duplicated. For instance, one of them displays a copy called p540.enspot (all of them follow this convention, with p followed by a three digit number and the .enspot extension). What's going on this time?
  2. Hi, I followed the instructions that you provided earlier (I didn't read your update in time). I removed Evernote (which was originally installed via the App Store), then installed it again using the image available on the website. Then I rebuilt the Spotlight database using the method published earlier. Not sure if removing Evernote in first place was absolutely necessary though, but now it works as it should. Thank you.
  3. It used to be that when I searched something in Spotlight, the results included my Evernote notes. That's no longer the case, at least using the latest release of Yosemite and Evernote. Is this an acknowledged bug in Evernote, something on the Apple side or just me?
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