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  1. If you could find a .EXE from Evernote. So I'm sure, it would work with WINE the windows environment for Linux. As far as I know, there is no exe file. Only that Windows10 ***** Software Store. Or am I wrong!?
  2. In the first sight, Google Keep ist not really promising. But If you work with it, you will learn almost daily new possibilities. There is an URL preview, the coloring options, and the interface is easy, but powerfull. And you can store informations from Google Docs, Sheets and Presentations in Google Keep or link to them. You can use the free CamScanner App to scan Documents and store them as an Image in Google Keep and the image document is searchable (OCR). If you don't want to use CamScanner, you can do the same with the Google GDrive App. Store the Information in Google Docs and link to i
  3. Ha ha :-) I know what you mean :-) But Google Keep is a part of "G-Suite" for business, they will not shutdown this service for sure
  4. i would also love to see an evernote linux client. but this will never happen, so i am now a google keep user where you can do almost the same (document scan, notes and search for them and many more). I have now over 1000 notes on Google Keep!
  5. Can't believe that this App is still not converted for iPhone6+ until now ! Evernote is such a big company and they have enough resources to do that ! c'mon guys.
  6. I'm sure 2015 will be THE YEAR for Linux on Desktops Chhrrr Chhhrrr #Sorry4That
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