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  1. Please help with this request! As shown, members have been asking for this to be resolved since January, 2015. The amount of subscribers alerting of this issue and what is being asked is an attention matter. This problem exist in the pc desktop application. It is extremely annoying to fish through old emails that are no longer needed for sharing notes, and even some no longer have those emails addresses. Overall, I like many of Evernote enhancements; but, this is one out of several issues that would prevent me from referring this product to others as I have done. Please fix! Thanks in advance!
  2. I the (legacy) windows version the first line of text content would automatically fill in the title directly after creating a new note ! This was great !!! I'm wondering why was this feature removed 🤔 PLEASE, get this feature back !!! EN has a lot of great features, and automatic note title from the first line of content is surely missed! 😒 Thank you!!!
  3. Wow!! I thought wanted to migrate from Evernote, after years of use, to One Note as suggested to me; it's a painful task. The export and import process is honestly too frustrating. Unless there is another user-friendly way to do the application transition, I think I will remain with Evernote. The more I attempt to transition to One Note, I realize how much of a dauting task this is which causes me to rethink my decision to make this change. Microsoft needs to develop a way to make the process easier if they would like longtime Evernote users to switch to One Note, their product.🤔 😒
  4. Please put the manual sync button back! Sometimes, there is a delay in content syncing between devices and the synch may be needed immediately due to needing to log off the computer for whatever reason. Thank you for all that you do to keep Evernote functional with such nice enhancements and that you listen to your customers needs and requests!
  5. Hi. I have been a paying customer on two accounts. The problem that I am experiencing is when I switch accounts, in the desktop version, only a blank screen loads. After waiting for about five minutes, the screen is still blank. I have to do menu/file/quit the app. When attempting to switch accounts, the app always closes completely down instead of switching accounts; then, I have to wait for the app to reload. So far and sometimes, my notes do eventually load following account switches, but have me in an uncomfortable mode that my notes may get lost and often do not appear at all; although ev
  6. Hi Developers, Please implement an option that allow members to select turning the "You're Up-to-Date" popup windown off or to display the desired pop-up frequency or to display the notification only if there is a change. I can be in the middle of recording a school lesson, and this mesage randomly pops-up, annoying. This annoyance is a recent trend since the 10.5.7 update. Thank you.
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