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  1. The table with columns & rows is perfect! Yes! I have an Android app that reminds me to take my meds, but that app make you set a time to take them. I don't need a specific time or to be reminded per se,I just need to check off a list. I'll use the table format and then have a blank one that I copy into a To-Do for each week. That should work!
  2. I use Evernote for all my notes and love it! I take medicines every day and want to have a daily repeating task list for the meds I take where I can check off each time I take a med and then have a new list appear each day. I don't need to have untaken meds 'roll over' or anything. Just a simple repeating task list that I can check off. What would be the cleanest / most efficient way of setting this up in Evernote?
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