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  1. Due to a Scannable application setup error on my iPhone, I sent scans to a secondary account. When I noticed, I logged into the secondary account and exported the 6 notes. I logged back into my normal account and imported the six notes. The result is this: - the six notes are present in the Notebook (Imported) 10/4/2021 - in the web version there is the notebook but the files are not there I came to this situation after having: - On and off the computer several times - I installed the latest version - I have not received any kind of error message My imported files each contain 1 PDF attachment (without text) My Evernote on Mac is 10.10.5 I’m using a Macbook Air M1 with Big Sur 11.2.3 Before this situation and before I completely uninstalled Evernote from my MAC, I couldn’t even save a new note with a simple test text. After reinstalling Evernote again I verified that I can save a new note on my computer. The same note is synchronized on the web. The files I imported are saved in the local version but are not updated in the web version and on other devices. PS: I have a Premium account Could it be Rosetta’s problem? Help UPDate: 1) any note I write has no "share link".... 2) if I create a note on my iPhone is registered correctly, synchronized on the web and available the link for sharing 3) any note create on MAC has no history and the message is "not found (Note:guid: ....) ----- I tried to do a test. I uninstalled Evernote again and installed version 10.10.5. I created a note and it is registered correctly on the server because I see the link Note:guid. I imported 1 note enex and it does not update on the server The notes I create after importing an enex are no longer registered on the server.... Deleting the imported note does not restore the ability to update on server the notes. ---- 04/12/2021 I imported enex notes with web application. The file is loaded but with errors (No PDF file specified.). I saved the attached PDF file in my Download folder and it is not recognized by Preview (Mac PDF reader). The PDF was generated by Scannable, sent to an Evernote account and exported from the same account. All evernote applications. Who corrupted the PDF file? ------ I download PDF files from secondary account and upload to my account standard. It's all ok. At this point I can state that the enex file generation process from evernote application on MAC has produced corrupted PDF files that, at import stage, corrupts the application and does not allow to save (even locally) the notes produced and prevents the update from syncing.
  2. this "option" key is a torture... thank you for your tips... It always makes me look like a fool!
  3. my problem was that I don't been able to view notes in the "all notes" view. I searched com.evernote.Evernote folder in the Library (I use Catalina on MAC) and moved it on an other location. Then I restarted Evernote desktop application and it recreated full database... Is the right operation?
  4. I try to recreate search index but on my version help (in Italian) menu is very different. Why? Can I install the English version?
  5. Thank you very much JMichaelTX. I'm running this option and my mac is doing a good job.
  6. I run Evernote release 7.11 on Mac with Mojave. Yesterday I realized that my 1597 notes don't appear in the "all notes" mode. Appear only twenty or thirty notes without any apparent rules. For verification I went to the web version and there appear all without any problems. What may have happened?
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