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  1. Due to a Scannable application setup error on my iPhone, I sent scans to a secondary account. When I noticed, I logged into the secondary account and exported the 6 notes. I logged back into my normal account and imported the six notes. The result is this: - the six notes are present in the Notebook (Imported) 10/4/2021 - in the web version there is the notebook but the files are not there I came to this situation after having: - On and off the computer several times - I installed the latest version - I have not received any kind of error message My imported files each contain 1 PDF attachment
  2. this "option" key is a torture... thank you for your tips... It always makes me look like a fool!
  3. my problem was that I don't been able to view notes in the "all notes" view. I searched com.evernote.Evernote folder in the Library (I use Catalina on MAC) and moved it on an other location. Then I restarted Evernote desktop application and it recreated full database... Is the right operation?
  4. I try to recreate search index but on my version help (in Italian) menu is very different. Why? Can I install the English version?
  5. Thank you very much JMichaelTX. I'm running this option and my mac is doing a good job.
  6. I run Evernote release 7.11 on Mac with Mojave. Yesterday I realized that my 1597 notes don't appear in the "all notes" mode. Appear only twenty or thirty notes without any apparent rules. For verification I went to the web version and there appear all without any problems. What may have happened?
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