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  1. Okay, I'll try that! I'll post back if it doesn't work!
  2. Some pics that hopefully help show what I am after?
  3. Hi there! I've been searching for days and I keep coming up empty. So I'll try and just explain what I am after, and maybe(hopefully) someone out there knows how to get the results I am after! Essentially. 1.) I have my notebooks and notes on my left sidebar. When I click one, it displays in my main window. Awesome. 2.) I share that note with someone! 3.) I want them to now have that note on their left sidebar, and I want it to display in their main window. Furthermore, If they (or I) make edits, I want them/me to receive those edits right there on my main window, without having to go through work chat. Currently, the closest I have come is opening a note shared through work chat, and going to note>copy to notebook; The problem is that this only creates a static copy of the note, and if I open it from my left bar to make edits, it's considered a different 'version' and the other party doesn't receive the update. Basically I want it to work like OneNote. I create a note, rightclick>share it, and I want the persons who receive it to now have it on their left where they can just make edits, and it stays current for both of us without having to chat back and forth. Even if it were possible to just work chat share it once, but DRAG it to the left so it was able to keep it up to date without passing it around through work chat. I'm stumped.
  4. I wasn't even aware that I could put a PSD directly into evernote. I'll give that a shot, thanks!
  5. I'm fairly confident that it's not really a Photoshop issue.. I am doing all my annotations inside of Evernote. There is zero annotation happening inside Photoshop. My workflow is as follows: 1. create image, save a jpg 2. add image to my evernote note. 3. add annotations inside evernote. 4. make adjustments to the image in photoshop, save out updated jpg. 5. cry because I cannot transfer the annotations from one image to another, or overwrite the old jpg with a new one while keeping the original annotations inside of evernote. It sounds like your solution suggests doing annotations inside of photoshop rather than inside of evernote? I rather liked evernotes tools for it, though.
  6. Hi there. fairly new user here. I am creating a map in Photoshop, and plan on using annotation to label it. I was wondering, is there a way to copy>paste annotation only to a new image with the same exact dimensions as the old image? Or is there a way to simply update the image itself with a newer version? Basically I save a new version of my image with updates, and currently it looks like I will have to re-label everything by hand - that's not entirely conducive to a project that evolves over time. I don't want to have to wait until my image is entirely and 110% finished before I even begin to start labeling it with annotations. Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions?
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