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  1. Dear pink elephant, thnak you I am aware of it as an EN consultant. was only mentioning that in the web version it is not possible to move a note from a private account to a business notebook - which is possible on the desktop and mobile version. bets regards
  2. Dear EN team, congrats for the slick interface. Would be nice to have to be able to move resp copy a note from a private account to the related business account. Best regards,
  3. no unfortunately not as the smart pencils are app dependent for optimal working
  4. indeed found out that you can tag notes and notebooks as before but not whole Spaces on the other hand having linked notes/notebooks in Spaces would be fine as so you have to copy/move the note/notebook to the specific space
  5. got it - is available for notes and notebooks in mobile and desktop version but not yet in web version but not for spaces themselves
  6. Dear all, i was wondering as a heavy tag user and recommender if and how tags are supported in spaces? best, steve
  7. Dear all, congrats for an amazing app. Just acquired a smart pencil connectable via bluetooth in order to use it wiht my iOS devices. Unfortunelaty noticed that "only" one smart pencil is certified with Evernote and its related apps. Would it be possible to certify/include e.g. Bamboo Smart Pencil Stylus Fineline on the list? Thank you in advance. Best,
  8. Dear EN team, thank you for your keep reaction as well as again showing that you care about your users' pain points. EN together with Swipesapp has become more or the less the backbone of my self-organisation. Congrats for an ever improving service/solution and to listen to us - your users. For the record, I am longstanding paying user. Best,
  9. Dear all many thanks. Noticed es that it works perfectly with iOS app. Best
  10. dear all, thank you that is great but is there a possibility to do it via the web interface or mobile app? best,
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