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  1. FWIW -- I found a setting in my email app (Airmail) to "include headers" whenever forwarding. So, I send the email, then for the ones I care about, I forward them from my SENT folder. It's an extra step, but it's very complete. The forwarded email has all the info I need.
  2. FW from the Sent folder doesn't work either (at least, not in my email app). I begin to suspect that the problem is with the email app itself not putting them into the FW email.
  3. Yes, I'm having the same problem. I've tried both BCC and FW, and often get only the body and not the TO, DATE, and so on. It's important for some of these that I be able to say "I emailed you on {date} at {time} and did not get a response." Not having the date and all the TOs makes the "email into Evernote" useless for this sort of verification work. I will look at setting up yet another email address, and auto-forwarding that into Evernote -- but this certainly seems like a basic feature that should be included in the email-in capability.
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