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  1. Thank you for all your help. @gazumped I will check out your suggestions. I thank you for your quick response. Anita M Endeman
  2. Hello, I use Evernote web and mobile app every day. I am a college student and I would not finish all of my weekly assignments if not for Evernote. I thank you for creating such a helpful software application. My request or suggestion is can you make color tabs and or some type of indication that one particular "note" is very important. A color tab for instance, for a test or an important project due would be a more visual reminder other then a date notification. If you could assign a specific color (let's say red) it would be more easily recognized as being important. I realize this is not a new concept but for someone who realize on Evernote for almost all aspect of my daily life, I would find this minor feature very helpful. I thank you for your consideration and time. Anita M Endeman
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