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  1. Just for the record, I switched to Apple Notes. All my notes could be imported. Yes, it not cross-platform. But it does the job well and has basic editing features that I need to write notes. Plus the interface is simple and looks nice. Highly suggest others do the same.
  2. Very well said. My astonishment / frustrations are identical. This is not some esoteric feature. It's like missing the "crop" feature in a photo editing app.
  3. Uh, no. Evernote is a $300 million company. They have acquired 5 other companies. They have their own app eco-system marketplace. If Phil, Dave and Co. can't be bothered to listen to their users in their own forums, I see zero value in "reaching out" to them to ask for a feature that I'm pretty sure was in Lotus Notes. I've paid for the pro version in the past, but not now. Migrating out... Of course, you can certainly leave Evernote, but... JMichael's suggestion is a good one if you want to get an answer from an Evernote employee. The response on Twitter is fast and you will get the stra
  4. How does one get Evernote to understand the importance of this feature for people that write a lot? I'm a new user; came from iAWriter. Totally freaked out that such a simple detail could be neglected.
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