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  1. Here you go: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/09/29/a-note-from-chris-oneill/ And i don't think that evernote have problems with new customers and premium users. I bet there is ton of users paying for premium. Also about that battle between google and microsoft - they don't need to do that at all just implement features that are from year 2016+ and different from them and if i want cluttered UI with tons of useless features i will go for MS Word or something like that .) Would like more information on what you mean by using "tables" to replace Evernote food as a template? I'm interested in anything that helps! (so far I have only been able to use tables on Windows to create rows and columns in Evernote.. it hasn't seemed too useful but maybe I haven't figured it out yet.) I was very sad to use my Food app for the last time. It was so nice to see the locations and information in such a beautiful format. I hope Evernote decides to allow photo captioning or a similar template for general use. - I think note takers, foodies and others would make a lot of use of it! I insert tables with mulitple rows and either one or two columns. Then I simply copy in the photos I took of the meal - the cells fix the photos in an even better way than the Food formatting. On Food the photos were often changed to fit the format there, so sometimes information was lost (like menu items with prices or some things on the margins of the pictures). By using regular Evernote table cells, I can simply tap and see a full view of the entire photo as taken. By using the left, center, or right formatting the photos look even better than on the Food app, and I can easily add captions right under the photo in the same cell. On Mac I can color in the background of the cells to differentiate them from one another - a matter of taste here. I also made use of the horizontal line insert to distinguish categories like quality of food, ambiance, quality of service and use stars and brief keywords here for each section (and just have to delete stars from the five stars I'd inserted in the template for each category to match the real experience). I leave a space at the top for a snipping from Google Maps or Wikimapia and a snipping from the restaurant website as well as a slot to put in the beginning and ending times of the meal. I name this note restaurant template, save it, and when there's a new meal to record just copy it to my Restaurant notebooks. It does take a bit more time to use my template than it did to use the app, but I do most of the work then on my PC or Mac - but I can keyboard in much better than on my tablet anyway (it was possible on the Mac to add captions to the photos in the Food app but not in the Windows version) and can add a lot more info in the way I want. So in retrospect I'm actually grateful for the Food app being discontinued since it forced me to discover some of the ways I can use Evernote that I wasn't even aware of. Well this went from one-two clicks in Food to half an hour in Evernote. That was the magic of EF - quick and simple - and i don't have time creating this just to continue using evernote for food. Apps should make our lives easier not complicate things!
  2. Well this time it is about that new CEO firing 45 people from Evernote team and ditching Food. Now there is noone to even answer in this thread and comunicate with us about this. I feel that evernote went from "company for customers" to "we don't care company". I hate this kind and i don't wanna support company that stoped to care for us customers vecause they already have our money. I already deleted all other Evernote apps except main app because why bother using it iff they cut it in future too and it is not that much about ditching Food as about not providing ANYTHING to replace it. That Times recepies is a silly joke and don't even work! Also not one word about that. There are much needed features in main Evernote app that comunity want for long time. If they won't push their app really forward i am not renewing my "premium pro extra special" account!
  3. As i read every new post here i think Evernote team have great idea about our "feedback" to this change (i hope they care at least a little) and they can make some changes or something? 1. Evernote email is just sad and didn't provide any alternatives - so they are just cutting us (their customers) 2. I think there is NO PROBLEM whatsoever to add at least template for recipes so we can continue in "Evernote Food style" 3. Someone from Evernote could post here something about this. Either "Sorry we are not providing anything else" or "Yeah we can think about this" 4. I am deleting all Evernote other apps since i don't want to see this happen in future 5. I will think hardly before renewing my premium Evernote account in future since i don't like companies/apps that just cut their customers without proper reason
  4. Well i guess i get that you killing this app but WHY you cant give us that evernote food template so we can continiue with evernote app? I just saw those apps that should replace evernote food - i hope this is just joke - i can't write my own recipes in any of them! PLEASE give us word about that tamplate - simple pure YES (in future) or NO so we can move to something real and not newyorktimes food - WHAT? Thank you!
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