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  1. Here is the one with an embedded video: http://www.artistdaily.com/blogs/artist-daily/loving-vincent-unique-van-gogh-tribute
  2. Here is a link to the one with so many comments. https://www.mynewroots.org/site/2013/02/the-life-changing-loaf-of-bread/ I'd be really interested to know if anyone else can sync it after clipping through the clipper on an ipad. Thanks!
  3. On my iPad I have no idea how I would clip a screenshot. The clipper just does it, no options given. Have you done it on your iPad, and if so, how?
  4. I, too, have run up against the note size problem, but have very little control as I'm using the clipper on iPad iOS which just takes the entire page whether you want it or not. I have no way of knowing how big a note is going to be until it won't sync. Very frustrating. (I am a Premium user, so have a large limit) Frankly, I was shocked that a web page could be that large, but the relatively brief article has over 2000 comments which I cannot remove before clipping. One workaround would be to e-mail Evernote the page, which allows me to bookmark the page, but it would be really nice to have some control over what is actually being clipped like I can do on the desktop.
  5. I just tried it on my iPad. When I clipped it, it clipped the original page. Interestingly, I'm getting a message that says the article is too large to sync. There is an embedded video link that does not show up in the clipped version. Wouldn't it be better to be able to save a bookmark in Evernote? Right now it's difficult to do that. Clipping in iOS gives no options. We are the mercy of the clipper.
  6. I use a large format iPad for much of my reading on the internet. The web clipper as it stands clips the entire page, not well, and makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get back to the webpages from the page in Evernote, as no bookmark/web address is accessible. The formatting is unacceptable/nonexistent. As a result, I have stopped clipping from my iPad. What we need is a clipper like we use on the desktop, which gives us the option of saving an article (with good formatting) or a bookmark, allowing us to return to the page. The bookmark is especially useful for reading lists, shopping pages, etc. If the mobile platform is the way of the future, then the features we have on the desktop need to be available on the mobile device.
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