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  1. Also strange bug in this wysiwyg editor (or IPB Message board if it's integrated) - after typing "@" which shows the dropdown menu list of users, the space character no longer works. Have to refresh the page and ignore the dropdown list.
  2. Thanks @kvitekp, do any utilities spring to mind where a created mapping X is only applied to a specified application Y?
  3. That is simply not true. Putting your left pinky on Ctrl naturally places your middle finger on W. Maybe you have strange hands (no offence), or an abnormal keyboard.
  4. Printing notes in 2016 LUL. Maybe you didn't notice from the Evernote plan changes occuring in 6 days - people tend to use 2 or more devices to access their notes and are happy to pay for it, rather than print notes or let Evernote dictate which device they use. What? No, the the natural move for Ctrl+P does NOT place your left middle finger on Q. It actually places your left middle finger on W. I suggest you read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrow_keys#WASD_keys. Note the photo. Even playing StarCraft II at 200+ APM results in less RSI than the unnatural left hand moti
  5. Ctrl+Q is just not natural. It puts strain on the left hand. Nor does it feel natural with the left pinkie on Q, and the right pinkey on Ctrl. Ctrl+P is natural. Sublime Text adopt it. Google just adopted it in Chrome Dev Tools. Everyone's used to Ctrl+P. At least let us amend this in Tools -> Options -> Hot Keys, please!
  6. +1, I love Evernote, but WorkFlowy has this.
  7. +1, I love Evernote, but just saw WorkFlowy has this.
  8. Bullets to the knee

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