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  1. Yep, having a similar problem, except web clipping works fine for me, I only get this " EDAM/ENML_VALIDATION Element type "embed" must be declared. " error when trying to clip a PDF. even after uninstall, delete extraneous files, reinstall Web Clipper. I'm running Safari 14.0. Any of the Evernote folks ever respond in the forums?
  2. I'm still seeing this problem with EN Mac 6.11.1 showing photos taken with EN iOS with a skewed aspect ratio. It seems like it'd be a simple problem to fix and it's obviously a 3+ year old bug. I take so many pictures in Evernote, it would be time prohibitive to cut and paste every picture again in the Mac version just to see the proper aspect ratio. I would add that the online, web based version of EN shows the images just fine. Has anyone tried this in OneNote? It's cross platform now and supposed to finally be on par with Evernote feature wise.
  3. actually, the problem has finally gone away for me. It's been working reliably for months.
  4. I saw crashes consistently when using the Camera on my iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8.4 (12F70), Evernote The work around instructions above have thus far "fixed" the problem.
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