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  1. thanks for the quick reply, I now see most of them individually but it also seems to have saved/restored them all as one big merged note as well.
  2. where do the restored notes go? They are no longer in the Trash and I can see the number of notes in their original notebook has increased, but I cannot find those particular notes. Help please!
  3. it works! unless it was just the new day thank you for your suggestion, much appreciated.
  4. I use OS 8.3 on my ipad, cannot get it to fully sync all notebooks after delete and reinstall of app. I see my most recent work synced across devices and on the evernote.com site. However, I can't seem to get the ipad to fully sync. It shows notebooks from older work, with "0 notes" (though I know there are quite a few notes in them, and can see them on other devices.). Suggestions?
  5. Using OS 8.3 on my ipad and cannot get evernote to sync ALL of my notebooks. I see my most recent work updated and synced across my laptop, iphone, desktop and on line on the evernote site. However, I cannot see a particular stack of older work (which I've just labelled Old Work) updated and synced on the ipad. I can see the notebooks themselves but they show "0 notes" when actually here are quite a few notes in them (which I can see on the other devices). I have deleted and reinstalled Evernote on my ipad. Any other suggestions or a solution to this confounding problem?
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