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  1. I'm new to Evernote and Microsoft OneNote so I'm evaluating both products for Windows 7 and beyond. One thing that really bugs me about Evernote's is its bland Black & White interface. It's like looking at a black & white pie chart on the old Apple computer from the 80's. I so want Evernote to !POP! with color like Microsoft OneNote does. I've been reviewing Evernote on Youtube, some posters show Evernote in Color and it appears they're all using Mac computers. Why isn't Evernote for Windows in COLOR in this day and age? For that reason alone I already lean towards adopting MS OneNote. I've attached some comparisons. Mine is like the B/W version. I would like to contact Evernote to find out if there's a way to migrate off Black & White (TV) into the color world but it appears I have to upgrade to Premium to ask a question? Not good for potential customers, IMHO.
  2. Yes, I too would like my Evernote Desktop Client app to be in color. Currently it's 100% black & white, horrible!
  3. Yes, I too would like my Evernote Desktop Client app to be in color. Currently it's 100% black & white, horrible!
  4. I just started using Evernote and have been looking at Youtube presentations about it. Almost all the videos I saw so far show Evernote in color with the tree in a medium gray background with Green Notebooks. Yellow tags and all the icons in the toolbar are in color. My Evernote application, running Windows 7, is just a bland Black and White, unpolished looking interface. It reminds me of working on the old Palm Pilot or a black & white Kindle. I haven't used B&W applications since the 80's/90's. Even in the early days DOS would make use of the RGB 4/16 color displays. In the Youtube videos it looks like maybe they were using a MAC? Maybe Evernote for Windows doesn't support color, seriously? In this side-by-side screenshot of Evernote the color slide is from a Youtube user and the ugly one on the right one is mine. "Where's the [beef] color?" Regards, Mike
  5. Thanks for the reply. I agree as time to goes on I won't need to create new Notebooks since I'll have categories for various things. In this case I was gathing information for plants so wanted to create a Notbook for Gardening for these sort of notes. Now that I manually created one, any future related articles will have a Gardening Notbook. Still would have been nice to create it on the fly though. I'll continue to read up in articles, blogs and posts on uses of Evernote as I go on. Thank again!
  6. I’ve just started using Evernote for personal use and we may be interested in a business subscription if this works out. I see two areas already on my wish list if the ability is not already there. Browser plug-in: I want to add an article from the Internet to Evernote. I use the plug-in to added it but at the same time I want to create a new notebook category for this page. From the plug-in I don't see where I can create a new notebook on the fly in which to add it. I click save and then Evernote opens a box with the web page inside it. From there... I try to create a new Notebook to save the article but it only lets me pick from existing Notebooks in the drop-down list so I let it use the ‘default’ location. Maybe it should prompt me. Also, there is no Save/Close button so you just have to know to click the ‘X’ on the box to complete the process. Finally... I have to go to the Evernote Windows Application then create the new Notebook I wanted to do above. Then move the saved article from the 'default' location to the new Notebook. This seems like a lot of steps. Couldn't this process be streamlined? Maybe I’m just missing the step on how to create Notebooks on the fly?
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