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  1. Since the "official line" here at EN seems to be "tags rule" and "stackable folders suck" I don't really expect this comment to persist. But, why is this an either/or issue? EN CAN offer both... and they should. People have made it obvious they would pay for this. As I would have. I won't now, of course. There are options out there that already offer this.
  2. @SGSubra - OMG. It worked! Thank you so much for the follow up. L.
  3. @SGSubra - Thanks for the update. I started that fix but never finished the steps (just kinda gave up). I will try completing the instructions based on what you've done. Hope it works as well as it has for you! Laurie
  4. I am having the same VERY FRUSTRATING issue (and not for the first time - I've had it on multiple computers and with multiple iterations of FF). I am also using FF38. I am in a WIndows 8.1 environment. In my list of addons it shows that Evernote Web Clipper is installed. But the clip icon is not in my web browser window. I go to View -->Toolbars --> Customize and the icon for Evernote is not there. I have also tried uninstalling the button as an addon and then reinstalling. In 10 tries, nothing has changed. I also signed on to the web version of Evernote. I then logged out of that and restarted my desktop program. Then I restarted my FF browser but still, no Evernote Web Clipper button. Can anyone help? Should we go to FireFox with this?
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