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  1. I would of thought a high percentage of users use tags extensively as that is what gives the most flexibility in organising, not just the "hard core" users? I would like to add that I tend not to use the "Tag View" ever because I find it completely unintuitive, hard to see things at a glance, and it's a new window covering the notes window which means you are going back-and-forth, ruining workflow. One simple thing that would make a LOT of difference and not break any compatibility with other users is to highlight the current tag(s) in the left hand pane. Example By highli
  2. I second this. This one thing on it's own has caused me many head scratching moments, and seems such a basic oversight. I find evernote very good for getting your information IN to it, but it falls short when trying to get the info back out - I often find myself saying "What am I looking at here?" . I want to glance at evernote, see a selection of notes and know immediately what filters (notebooks, tags etc) are used to give the resulting notes.
  3. Dima Stefantsov I have to second this opinion. As part of the Framework I have constructed, I want to be able to see tasks that have been completed today. I assumed that adding the tag "Task Completed" would update the note (I have changed the note after all!), and I could then do a search for for Today's Tasks Completed, however this is not the case. I understand that this may totally depend on how you use Evernote, and you may/may not want this functionality depending on your workflow. But a "One size fits all" approach does not necessarily work here. I can see two possible solutions,
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