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  1. I would of thought a high percentage of users use tags extensively as that is what gives the most flexibility in organising, not just the "hard core" users? I would like to add that I tend not to use the "Tag View" ever because I find it completely unintuitive, hard to see things at a glance, and it's a new window covering the notes window which means you are going back-and-forth, ruining workflow. One simple thing that would make a LOT of difference and not break any compatibility with other users is to highlight the current tag(s) in the left hand pane. Example By highlighting the selected tags I can easily see at a glance that tags 11, 16 & 20 are selected - something which I cannot easily see with evernote's current no highlighting implementation.
  2. It's not so much the being able to find the note, but more the visibility of a note when in a large selection of other notes. I use a combination of notebooks and tags (about 20 notebooks, 800+ tags). The notebooks are essentially a category. So lets say I have notebooks : A B C and notes 1 2 3 4 5 etc…. At the moment I will just see the following 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Lets say '4' is in notebook b, looking at the above is difficult to identify '4' (bearing in mind more realistic names and potentially 100's of notes etc…) I would like A 1 3 7 B 2 4 5 6 C 8 9 10 As I know '4' is in notebook 'B', I can narrow my searches down straight away by going to the 'B' group. More importantly for me though, it helps to break up the notes from being one big wall of text, separated into more manageable sections. At the moment I get by, by using list mode with columns - Notebook, Title, Updated, this way I can sort by notebook to get 80% of the way there. However, the main issue is when I try to use card view, I have a wall of cards that are hard to make any sense of. I can group by Title, Updated etc… in this view, but the way I work, I really want "Notebook" added to the list of grouping options. Hope that explains my reasoning a little.
  3. I second this. This one thing on it's own has caused me many head scratching moments, and seems such a basic oversight. I find evernote very good for getting your information IN to it, but it falls short when trying to get the info back out - I often find myself saying "What am I looking at here?" . I want to glance at evernote, see a selection of notes and know immediately what filters (notebooks, tags etc) are used to give the resulting notes.
  4. When viewing in card view I find it useful to sort / group notes together. With the infrastructure I use for my notes, it would very convenient for me to group by Notebook, There are options for Title, Date Created etc… but no Notebook unfortunately.
  5. An excerpt from the privacy policy "Evernote also provides you with the ability to encrypt segments of text within any given note. You can learn how to encrypt text by reviewing this Knowledge Base article. Please note, however, that Evernote does not have the ability to decrypt encrypted contents, so we won’t be able to help you recover encrypted contents if you forget the passphrase you used for encryption" This suggests that the text IS encrypted at the server end, but this would conflict with my findings that I pointed out in the original post. If segments of text in my note where encrypted (verified by Mac, Windows and iOS versions that I have), why did I see this "encrypted" text as plain text when the content was being sucked down on a fresh installation - something doesn't add up.
  6. In Evernote for Mac : Evernote > Account Info, display's your logo and underneath your name (then your email address underneath). When I create a note on the Mac, my name is in the 'Author' field, however this does not happen on my iPhone (also does not happen with web clipper). In other words, if my name is "Joe Bloggs" then i would expect to see "Joe Bloggs" in the author field regardless of how that note was created (OS X, iOS, WebClipper, Windows etc…)
  7. Mac OS 10.8.5 Evernote Webclipper 6.5.3 Safari 6.1.2 Any notes captured with web clipper as above are not populating the 'Author' field. Cannot find anything obviously wrong my end.
  8. Ok… so a certain set of events has lead me to believe that any encrypted text within a note is not actually encrypted as such, it is just parsed by evernote and then replaced by an encryption box. I have an iPad 1 and wanted to try evernote on it, but as iPad 1 can only go as high as iOS 5, evernote refused to load as it requires iOS 7+ With this in mind, I then decided to install evernote on my iPhone (iOS 8) and then try again on iPad as it will detect it as a "Purchased Item" and allow me to install the last know compatible release for the iOS version being run. This worked as I hoped and allowed me to run Evernote on iPad 1 (an older version admittedly). Some of my notes have sensitive information such as Serial Numbers which I have encrypted. I switched to Card View and watched evernote import all my notes. I was quite alarmed when evernote started to import notes with serial numbers, and the serial numbers where clearly visible! No encryption, no nothing, just plain text for everyone to see! Once the import had finished, the notes THEN had the serial numbers encrypted. This would suggest to me that these encrypted text is not stored encrypted, and the text is also sent unencrypted, which is a little concerning for possible account hijacks etc…
  9. This may also apply to iPad but have not tried. iOS 8.2 Evernote I have a Mac, PC, and iPhone all running Evernote. When I create a note on the iPhone and then check the note on either the mac or pc, the 'Author' field is always blank. Any notes made on the PC or Mac are not, and have the correct information in the Author field. I have looked through all the settings on the iPhone version and also on the Web version to see if there is anything that may be causing this but cannot find anything obviously wrong. Any help appreciated.
  10. I get the impression though as they are not very forthcoming in keeping the community informed with what will/won't be worked on, and what their future plans are… as a new user to Evernote it's a little discouraging.
  11. Do Evernote developers take notice of user request's / suggestions / bug reports etc… or do they just have their own "vision" with which users have to come along for the ride wether they like it or not? The more I read about evernote, the less I wish I started using it as there are many many complaints about the developers not fixing bugs that have been present for a long time, and as I find more quirks like these I feel discouraged as I doubt they will ever get fixed, yet they release new versions with "improvements" that no one wants. E.g the beta web browser is absolutely horrendous for workflow and productivity IMHO.
  12. The first post where Gaz provided a couple of links does explain it a little. Evernote has different sort orders on different platforms!? http://www.thesecretweapon.org/forums/topic/sorting-tags-again#post-1816 ASCII: !#$%&()*+./numbers:?@uppercases [\]^_lowercases{}~ Evernote Windows: !#$%&()*./:?@[\]^_{}~+numbers lowercases uppercases Evernote IOS: _:!?.()[]{}@*/\%^+~$numbers lowercases uppercases As to why this is I have no idea, and seems completely wrong to me. There should be consistency between apps & platforms, and beside this is ASCII Standard so regardless, the sorting order should be the same!
  13. I have an issue (minor) where tags listed do not sort as expected as defined by the ASCII character set. However they DO list correctly (or at least as I would expect) on the web version. Mac: Web: The web version sorts as I would expect from the ASCII codes Does anyone know if this is a bug, or specific to my Mac OS (i.e., can you specify in mac somewhere what ASCII table is used etc?) I assume it is a bug as the results are different between mac / web, but not 100% sure if it is something specific to MY mac? Thanks for any help!
  14. I should add, I am using the web version on a mac, not on a mobile device. Lots of wasted space, lots of missing functionality and a real step backwards in usability. I hope these issue's are addressed, and my faith restored.
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