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  1. Thanks for sharing. This feature is only available in Evernote Premium but a worthwhile option to know about.
  2. I'm having a similar problem. I have a note that repeatedly hangs, often for several seconds at a time where I see the beach ball spinning. It'll happen when adding to a list of checkbox items or simply regular lines of text, editing a font or size even. It can't keep up with my typing, hangs, finishes what I typed, and then does it all over again when I type my next change. I noticed it has started doing it when switching to other notes but this tends to happen far less often. I'm running EN 6.10 on an iMac (mid-2011) with 24 GB of memory under Yosemite 10.10.5. I have only 792 Notes in a Plus account. With Activity Monitor open, I can see EN will bounce around between 0.0% CPU and 8% CPU. Then I make an edit to the note and it shoots up to 99.9%, even 100.1% at one point, then it will turn red and say (Not Responding) before the beach ball goes away and it drops down to normal levels again. I've quit EN and reopened it only to find it does the same thing. I know this is a Mac thread but I also find the EN app on my iPhone 5S under iOS 10.3.1 is frustratingly slow. Everything from switching sections at the bottom and opening a note to editing content and scrolling. Very unresponsive. I don't understand how making changes to a text file can cause such a lag on both my Mac and iPhone.
  3. Thanks, @gazumped. All of that makes sense and, in the future, I'll go the local file route as you suggested. I noticed the Note History option but I can't afford to spring for the Premium features at this time. I do maintain a backup of my Mac using Time Machine but, for some reason, it never occurred to me until now to check my backup drive for a previous version of my notes. I opened the Evernote database folder as described here: In the database folder, within my account number's "content" folder, I was able to do a Spotlight search for the note that would have contained the work I had done. Unfortunately, the work doesn't exist in my backup. I had added it all at a time between backups so it was overwritten when I forced a sync with the server from my iPhone. At least I know I have this as an option in the future of checking that folder, and I might even start initiating a Time Machine backup before I try syncing devices from now on, just as a precaution.
  4. After spending hours making notes for an upcoming project in Evernote on my iMac (running 6.10 under Mavericks 10.10.5), I hit the sync button to make sure the changes were sent to the server under my Evernote Plus account. On my iPhone 5S (iOS 10.2.1), I found the same note but it hadn't updated. I then let Evernote (8.1.352228) sync by swiping down in the Notes section. Still no change so I went to the Account section and tapped Sync Now, no change again on my iPhone. Then looking at the note on my Mac, it had reverted to my phone's version and all of my work was lost. I wasn't given a Conflicting Changes notice or anything. Seeing as I pay for this service and did, what I assume, are the correct steps to ensure notes are synced, I'm supremely upset by the apps losing my work and forcing me to start over. Is there a way to access interim versions of notes or revert the changes? Did I do something wrong or is this a common problem with Evernote / Evernote for Mac/iOS?
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