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  1. Hi Guys , I found a simple turn around for that, which is selecting the text and control click (mac) for the option "encrypt this text" it's not ideal , but at least the content of the note is protected. i'would also love to have this password.Also in writing, security would be great ! And to guys like bankrobber that don't add any useful info to the proposed topic, don't bother to reply ... Hope that this helps !! cheers Original post by : Meryn Stol, Evernote user since 2009.In the Evernote desktop clients, you can encrypt any piece of text by right click in it and choosing "Encrypt selected text". I don't know about mobile. You can't encrypt the whole note, but you could encrypt all text within a note. That comes down to about the same. The encryption function prompts for a password which is used as the key to encode the selection. You need the password (the key) to decode the selection again.
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