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  1. Hello everyone, I have long been searching for a way to backup iOS SMS messages to evernote. Is this possible? I've searched endlessly, and nothing seems to come up. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thank you!
  2. evernote doesn't appear designed to use the feature, as it is not in the list of location enabled applications.
  3. The location was entered manually using the coordinates generated by Google Maps. Curiously, it doesn't reference an address, and references "Kings County", which for those not from New York, is Brooklyn. Kings County hasn't been a real legal entity in well over a century. Its only relevance is the court system still revolves around the old county names. Whatever service they use to check these coordinates is a wonky one. My iphone always defaults to the correct location. Windows 8 and Windows 10 have built in location functionality. Other applications are able to use it just fine, I don't see any reason why Evernote shouldn't be any different. It's just such a very helpful feature, and one would think it is very easy to implement.
  4. I've been using Evernote on and off for 5 years now. The Windows client keeps getting more and more useless features, but basic performance remains terrible. These days, I have a beast of a machine compared to 5 years ago. The performance is no different. It is not uncommon for simple tasks to lag for 30 seconds or more. Want to create a new note? Be prepared to wait 30 seconds. Want to create a stack of notebooks? Wait 1 minute. Folks, you have my faith in the integrity of the data you store. But my god. FIVE YEARS is not enough time to make a windows client that works nearly instantly? I always end up trying to use the software for note taking, but it's just too slow. It's faster for me to write something down on a pen and paper, and now that I've moved to Microsoft Surface, I've found One Note to be infinitely better for actual note taking. If Evernote is just going to be a place to store old documents, why keep adding all these useless features? Why not just perfect the core functionality? It's mind boggling. I have not tried to use the Windows 8 Metro version, so I will give that a go sometime. But man, very frustrating.
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