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  1. I have the latest of both. All I want to do is export notes as text/doc/docx/etc files, and my web clips as html. Any suggestions? BTW, i am a premium member, if that means anything.
  2. Had three files in there, one a full web page. Everything was exported as an html, including the web page. Safari couldn't open it, nor could Chrome. And as I said, I do want to be able to send the files as editable (and separate from evernote) to another person and to use as backup. Are there options/techniques I don't know about?
  3. I have premium, and have not done a personal local backup of any of my files. Just to Try, I exported three files as html, then tried to open them. The notes opened but without being able to edit, the link was not able to be viewed at all. I do not want to save the files as evernote files, but want to be able to pass them to another person who does not have evernote and uses onedrive (yuck!). What's the solution? Any assistance will be very appreciated! Thanks!
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