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  1. It seems that this issue is still happening. This leads me to believe that it is not in fact a "bug" as indicated in previous communications with Evernote support, rather, this is just a "pester a paid user into upgrading to the next level" sort of thing. Very disappointing.
  2. I do see this page, and after numerous reboots, the Upgrade button always comes back. I am "hoping" this is a bug and I have reported this to Evernote support and they have assigned the case to a technical person. In fact, even bringing this back every 90 days is not acceptable. I am a product manager, and I would NEVER do something as nagging as that to paying customers. Edit - Support confirmed this is a bug and Evernote engineering are working on it. Not sure if the behavior is for it to come back after 90 days.
  3. This is really aggravating that, as a paying customer, I drag the upgrade button away and it shows up the next time I restart the app. I've been a paid subscriber for a long time, but I don't need to top tier. I should not be constantly nagged to upgrade. Show it to me once, that's fine, but when I take my time to drag it away and then you bring it back...that is f@#%ing inexcusable. Evernote is really turning into a customer averse company.
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