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  1. I've already looked in that folder so I'm going to assume that the file is permanently deleted.Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it. I'll just hope that when they do implement a trash notebook into android devices it'll be there. Again thank you very much.
  2. Can the note still somehow be on my tablet or is it gone forever?
  3. Around late March and early April I made a bunch of notes on my tablet, but did not sync them because at the moment I had no access to the internet. After I was unsatisfied with the notes and deleted them. I thought they would be in my trash folder on my desktop after finally syncing my computer, but they have disappeared. They don't even show up on my iPod. I've been through dozens of forums regarding a problem like this, but can't find an answer. I also have went through the Evernote folder on my tablet, but none of the notes there seem to be it. Just to test if I could find another new note with the same problem I created a new note, didn't sync it, and deleted it. I couldn't find that note either. I have already contacted Evernote support, but no one has gotten back to me yet. If anyone could help I would be sooo grateful. Thanks
  4. I am having this exact same problem except the note was created on my android tablet. I was unable to sync the note and ended up deleting it later. After I logged in on my computer and my iPod I was unable to locate the note in the trash folder. I am aware that there is not trash folder for android devices so I have no clue on how to retrieve the file from my tablet. I have already went through the folder from Evernote on my tablet and it isn't in there either. I also have opened a support ticket, but I haven't gotten a reply in a few days now. Any advice and help would be appreciated, thank you.
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