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  1. We have a WD MyCloud, with two drives (for redundancy) on our home network, and pretty much all of our files are kept on those, not on the hard drives in the PCs. Is there a way to have EN Windows (when installed, say, on my PC) backed up there, rather than in my PC, for security? (I really WAS assuming my files were forever safe being in EN's cloud!!) Thanks so much for this help!
  2. I'm not sure why I need to install Evernote on my PC when I can just use it online, in a browser, so that's my first question. I did install it, and almost immediately uninstalled it because, after installing it, I couldn't use keyboard shortcuts, which I need to use constantly. (I'm referring to Ctrl+z = undo, Ctrl+s = save, Ctrl+v = paste, etc.) This was happening in whichever program I was in. Can anyone explain this? Much appreciated!!
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