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  1. Implication is v3,x does interfere with other versions of Evernote . I understand. Good to know that most will be converted as well. Thanks kvitekp
  2. UPDATE: I couldn't wait any longer. I downloaded V2.3 - it works. I see it has been 6 months since my last update. Thank you again . The migration will come after my deliverable.
  3. Thank you all . gazumped, I went looking further as well using the more detailed version in the search and pulled up some unscrupulous sites as per my antivirus program. BurgersNFries, You are exactly right as I have read this in several forums but I needed to get off the ground with the Version 2 to start. kvitekp, I feel like it's my birthday (it actually is tomorrow) as I could not find my old Evernote setup executables on any old backup drives, old laptops, or on the web. I must have had one backup drive fail too many. I will install Version 2 first (yes, I do have an encrypted backup of the enb databases) as soon as I finish up a product delivery deadline and let you guys know how it went. In addition, I am fascinated that the v2.3 can co-exist with modern version of Evernote. Why is that and Is that true for v3.1 as well? You can bet I would like the EN2Export to support screen shots from evernote and manual editted notes.
  4. gazumped, I really appreciate your response. I went to the link you shared and all but the versions I probably need are there. The site apologizes if the download is not available but that doesn't help me at the moment. Is there another site that may have these versions?
  5. I have evernote on all of my devices and an older Windows 7 laptop that had a hard drive crash. I did not sync that laptop since it contained work information. The .enb databases were backed up and later restored but the executable no longer exists. Can someone point me to an old evernote 2.x(?) executable? Once I import those databases I can then upgrade based on what I read from other posts.
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