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  1. i think my mistake was i installed a new Evernote version and did not empty my trash hplding the old version... good luck!
  2. I click on Elephant icon in dock and i get Evernote Toolbar above but nothing from My Evernote account open on my screen, my screensaver is still there.. like Evernote on my imac will not open up. I downloaded the app again but still same problem. Any ideas anybody??????.
  3. not working on web platform (www.evernote.com).. all ok on my ipad and my Mac Platform (client app) .. is there a problem with chrome on mac? thanks..
  4. to clarify.. i mean my notes within a notebook are not all showing up on my chrome on imac. Notebook page shows that i have 110 notes and is supposed to be showing 1-12 notes .. but i only show 1 note in my reading bar..and i dont know how to find the other 11 in the 12 that are said to be showing.. and i have no idea how to find the other 100 that it says i have in the notebook. i want to attach a screenshot but i am getting error message "You are only allowed to upload 501.76kb."
  5. justchanedto chrome..cant find notes on chrome on imac.. i have then on ipad.. when i click a note folder, bottom of window says 65 sub notes but only 4 or 5 are displayed.. how do i display all as i could before with Firefoxe and on ipad? thanks..
  6. in the past with PC Windows 8 i was able to copy and paste photos i had mailed into Evernote into my Notebooks. Now i am with a mac 10.10 Yosemite and i cannot. I can drag a photo into a Notebook to the bottom of the page but not inside a paragraph as i could before... can i not move a photo around within a Notebook?
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