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  1. I have a suggestion for how using check-boxes can be more handy. 

    Check lists are important for me because there are always those critical, "must do", tasks to complete on a (sometimes) daily basis. So naturally, after I complete a task I check off the check-box that correlates with that task. 

    Here's my issue: why isn't there a button or option to reset the check-boxes from "checked" to "unchecked"? 

    This would come in handy with a chore list or a shopping list. 

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  2. Upon the arrival of "Evernote vs. Google Drive" (both in beta and beyond) I have noticed this problem where you can't add a title to represent your hyperlinks.

    ***Clipped Image Provided Below*** 

    I can't do it in Evernote Web (at least for Chrome) but I can do it on this user forum.

    I like adding titles to my hyperlinks because it makes whatever I write a little "code-y" and "link-y". 

    I love the new Google Drive feature, but can we please get that hyperlink feature back? 



  3. I really like this new feature as I am finding myself to be increasingly using products like Google Docs and Google Drive. My only issue thus far with this beta is that I'm no longer able to name any hyperlinks I might want to add. This is what I get: 



    But when I turn the beta off I AM able to name my hyperlinks (in case you haven't gathered this, I LOVE naming my hyperlinks):



    Is this something that's going to be fixed soon? Or is there a way to still name my hyperlinks while using the beta?

  4. I tried Internet Explorer but ran into the same issue. I'm using a desktop computer, which I switch on and off all the time so I don't think that would be a factor. But you were right about the "Tools" option being readily available at the top of the screen in the older version. I was able to center my image with no problem.  

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  5. That's just the thing... those options would appear when I highlighted an image but it doesn't appear, now. I switched to the older version and switched back to beta to see if that would help but, alas, it did not. Like I said, I think that since this is still technically a work-in-progress, beta version of Evernote Web, this is just one of those snags they have to work out. 

  6. I was actually asked for feedback the last time I logged into my account and I mentioned this problem in my feedback. Perhaps maybe that's just something the folks at Evernote need to look into if they're going to stick with this new UI. 

  7. A few months ago, I was able to click on and align an image to the left, right, or center of the page. When I highlighted the image, the formatting palette would appear with the alignment button being at the very right. This palette, of course, also appears when I highlight text. However, recently, when I click on and highlight an image those option don't appear anymore. Now, what I've been doing is I am moving the cursor directly to the left of the image, hitting the TAB key, and sort of eye-balling it until I'm sure the image is as close to the center as possible. I like to have my images appear in the center because I enjoy how it looks when I'm using Present mode. 


    Did anybody else notice this? Or does anybody know why these options are no longer available for images? And is there a better way, in the meantime, for going about centering images besides TAB-ing it over to the center? 


    Any and all help / advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you! 




    (P.S. I attached a screenshot of one of my notes to show you what I'm talking about. Notice how the picture of the woman is off to the left and that I highlighted some text to show you the formatting palette I was talking about)



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