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  1. Thanks for the advice! Did roll back to (308474) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) - Notes are fully visible and edible, including hardware acceleration. Seems the beta introduced a change in the rendering engine that did not went well with my system.
  2. The feedback from support was to disable Hardware Acceleration (in the client and/or the registry) but unfortunately, this did not change the situation
  3. Thanks, gazumped! I raised a ticket yesterday and will follow through with the support's suggestion. Will update here. Kind regards, Kay
  4. Yes, title of the note is correctly displayed including tags and the format ribbon but the actual content frame is simply empty - a white space that the curse can hover over but not interact. No typing possible - nothing to see.
  5. Strange - I am able to access the thread and the attached log file from this very forum page. But to summarize quickly: In the desktop client the note list displays with snippets correctly Yet the note window is simply blank for all notes If you open a note in a pop-out window the window is blank if you open a note in a presentation window it shows correctly The notes show correctly in a web version as well as in the mobile versions of the evernote client This has happened to other users with previous versions of the client (not me) Does it make it more clear?
  6. Updated to version (308477) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) but now my notes appearing blank in the Windows Desktop similar as in this thread https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/111758-notes-appearing-blank-in-windows-desktop-client/. EvernoteActivityLogLagrange.txt The log states that the BrowserEngine does not start - with or without hardware acceleration. Notes are OK and visible in presentation mode but will not be rendered in the note window of the client...nor can they be edited.
  7. "Selective Sync" is what I expect these days from a cloud service and not only on mobile where it is obvious. Devices some in all sizes and if Evernote wants to be ubiquitous that it has to respect that "download everything" is not the solution. Premium use will drive Evernote into a flexible knowledge and document mangement system that should honor that the mode of access to this wealth of information will have to adjusted to the respective device just used. This is basically a must for the poweruse that are willing to pay...
  8. Indeed too much white for my taste. Do it like Office 2016: add some higher contrast themes for people who fear the black of white desert. It was then one major improvement over Office 2013 and it took Microsoft 3 years. Be faster
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