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  1. I agree 1000% !!! Definately results in less productivity for a gratuitously simplified interface. Even this simple web based discussion page editor which I'm using to write this comment is much more powerful !!!!
  2. Not excited at all by this new version, especially for iPad, you've totally ruined my experience, and I'm very frustrated, disappointed, and mad !!!
  3. I agree 100%, the iPad becomes much less useful for me with this new version, now I'm relegated to my laptop ! Very frustrating.
  4. As a 6 year user of Evernote, I really don't like the new interface on the iPad. It's really dumbed down, less efficient to use, having to drill down to get to features especially during editing. Should be able to customize the toolbars, all the empty space on the screen is unnecessary and inefficient. Now the experience on my iPad is much different than on my laptop. Tried to use the web interface thru iPad browser so the experience is more like my laptop, but for some reason that is not allowed. Very disappointed !!!
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