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  1. Hi All, As an Evernote user of 9 years I wanted to share / promote the feature I would love to see the most: Easy save to / share as PDF. Often times I have a note I want to upload to Google Drive or send as an email attachment, I don't want to send it as an Evernote link, I want the recipient folder or person to have a universal PDF file. When I click share in Android I would like to see a share as PDF which I can then send to any application I want such as Google Drive, Gmail or any other. It seems that the original strategy of Evernote was to share within Evernote, similar to something like Google Docs. However Google changed this over time where you no longer need a Gmail account to login and there are easy / quick exports to many formats such as PDF, Word and others. I also find the PDF option to be hidden in the Windows client. If you right-click a note both within the editor or the notes listing, PDF should be an option. Please consider making sharing in universal formats easier!! Thanks, Adam
  2. It would be great if an object or sticker could make a picture auto-tag, similar to how the moleskin notebooks do it. We have three whiteboards in our office, if I could put a label on each whiteboard they could be auto-tagged into "Whiteboards" within my Evernote system. It would be very cool if these labels could be generated and printed off out of Evernote. Even better if there was more logic that you could apply (like impacting the title). Another example could be you have a label right next to where you scan receipts using your phone, then it always tags to "Receipts" I find that a lot of my inbound notes need to be categorized / titled after the fact when scanning via phone, the meeting topic on my calendar rarely matches the desired title.
  3. I wanted to send feedback while I was in the Windows app and I couldn't find an option anywhere within the app. Some of the best app producing companies in the world make that really easy so they can get more feedback. Me feedback is: Make save to PDF much easier, it is too hidden (right-click while in a note). It appears to me that Evernote's strategy was to push everyone to evernote for sharing, only evernote links would work. Over the last few years it has been loosened up both in the mobile app and windows app where you can share files out directly to other apps. This is good, however the app seems to be in transition from a closed system to an open system. Even Google photos and drive started with only allowing links back to photos or drive but now they both allow direct sharing out to 3rd party apps. My ask is that Evernote commits to allowing sharing data out to other systems, I think this is what customers want. It needs to be easy to do. Evernote had success by working on all devices and syncing to the cloud, now it needs to make sharing out in different formats easy to do. Workflow example: I want to scan a document and email it to my accountant. Evernote's scanner is awesome, I use my smartphone and scan it. Now the doc is in Evernote. I hit share because I want to send it as a PDF via email.. But alas, Evernote wants to use it's "chat" to send it.. So I go to the options button (Android) and there are all kinds of options.. One being "more sharing" not intuitive. Now it offers to share it as a live note or static note.. I choose static note and it lets me email from Evernote.. well, this doesn't use my full contact list so my accountant isn't there.. fail.. I manually find her address, put it in there.. But it emails images not a PDF.. So I have to go to Windows but where the heck is the convert to PDF? you have to right-click in the BODY of the note and convert to PDF, wait.. That is Mac OS only Try export note, it offers web mht or html format - who uses this?!?!?! Alright, I'll print to a 3rd party PDF app.. formatting looks crappy I'm bailing on Evernote for this workflow, I use my $2 PDF scanner app which accomplished the task. My point is, Evernote is supposed to be the one place to save and SHARE my information, $70 per year I expect more out of the product. I have been a premium customer for 7 years and I feel the whole sharing system has been botched. Thanks, Adam
  4. I am very pleased to see that this annotation is back, skitch functionality is now baked right into Evernote!! I used it to annotate the attachment, open in Evernote would be a great way to promote using Evernote + the Annotate function.
  5. I am a long time Evernote user, I just joined a new organization in the education industry and need to evaluate the proposed use of One Note. All students have touch screens with pens, I have to say the pen support is huge and it gives OneNote an edge over Evernote with that feature alone. The downside of One Note is having it work on all devices and how Microsoft pulls you towards using more of their Office 365 environment. More and more people are upgrading to touch screens and styluses. I could see a steady stream of customers switching over this feature.
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