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  1. Hi Scott, thanks for your progress report. I tried to detect if the Background sync has been performed with Evernote using the following setup for several weeks now: - Evernote app closed while wifi toggled on overnight for about 11 hours - flight mode toggled on or wifi/mobile data toggled off and launching Evernote (start screen displays "last sync 11 hours ago") - Close Evernote App and turn on wifi again Its good to know that background sync at all is able to work with third party apps but that is not working smoothly. Unfortunately for now I have no other ideas what to change or test to get it even infrequently running on my IPhone 5c with IOS 8.3. So It seems that i have to keep on syncing the content manually before leaving wifi/mobile data.
  2. I’m a bit confused about the Background App Refresh/ Background sync of Evernote on IOS. I found an article on the Evernote Blog (http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/09/18/the-beautiful-new-evernote-for-ios-7/ see 'Keep Everything In Sync‘) that describes the Background app refresh/ background sync as been introduced with the IOS7 App. "For the first time on iOS, Evernote is able to keep your account updated when the app isn’t active. So, whenever you open the app, your Personal notes are all right there. No more waiting. This feature is also important in the following frequently-occurring situations: - Offline Notebooks for Premium users - When you use Evernote on multiple platforms and devices In all these scenarios, your note list will now be up-to-date at all times. For Premium users, we’ll also make sure that your notes in your offline notebooks are downloaded and available when you don’t have a network connection." So I am a premium user with Evernote 7.7.5 on IOS 8.3 that has the Background Sync enabled for at least 3-4 month now. And it never worked as described above. Has this feature been secretly disabled with any of the Evernote IOS App updates? I am curious if this (background sync when the app is closed) has ever worked for anybody?! thanks for any insights and experiences Manuel
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