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  1. Would it make a difference if the notes were small in mb-size? under a mb even?
  2. Would it matter what the mb-size was of the notes?
  3. What good is the first option if the notes count on both accounts? The second option isn't useful for me, since I need to access them online. Which goes for the third option as well.
  4. I looked at my database via the SQLite browser, and I can see a note from a notebook that someone has shared with me count in the note_attr. Wouldn't that mean that it counts as one of my 100.000 notes? And if it doesn't, how do I then keep track of how many notes I would have left?
  5. I did see that thread, but I was unsure of whether or not it still applied. Thank you for clearing some things up for me
  6. If someone shares a notebook with a lot of notes with me, does that amount of notes count against my total of 100.000 as wel?
  7. Can someone please clarify if a notebook is shared from one user to another, on whose account does the note count if the person who the notebook is shared with creates a new note in that book? Example, if a notebook is shared with me, and I create a new note in that notebook, would the note then count on my account of the 100.000 notes I can have or the original owner of the notebook?
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