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  1. I have to say that I agree 100% with @LoliMizuki So I have A LOT of formatted text copied from web, which basically consist of programming source code. After updating to 6.11GA, they're all broken, completely. Now all the programming-relative notes have become trash, all of sudden! It's horrible. It's terrible. Oh my god! Seriously? The version naming clearly states that it's 6.11 from 6.10, NOT something like 7.0 from 6.10, meaning that it's so-called a minor update. Do you guys even care how version naming rule should apply? Or nobody just cares when deploying the package, naively hoping that the deploy script or whatever that is will name the version correctly? If there's some HUGE change to rendering the notes, then it's a clean signal to name the major version, not the minor one. Why do you guys even change the way it renders notes? You guys surely know that for applications like EN, compatibility is REALLY important! You can easily prevent this from creating some test cases. Well, you could've easily spot these bugs if there'd been one single person in EN team who actually uses Evernote in your daily life! This is frustrating, because this is not the first time. Will the time ever come to us when updating Evernote will not be such a regret? Do you guys even use your product for your own personal purpose as we'd see in the advertisement? Because all the EN update history with terrible feedbacks in the community kind of tells that you guys might not. I had to roll back to the old version 6.10, which still left a few notes that I've already Accidentally synced with the broken, messed-up formatted text when I was on 6.11GA. So I looked back into the note history, each note's history, trying to recover the notes that the newest EN destroyed, ending up discovering some buggy behaviour which is drag & drop-ing the restored note from the history to the notebook does not work properly if there's already a note with the same title. Jesus. Okay one more time. This time I should just copy and paste the restored note to the original note. Okay finally it works. VERY GOOD JOB, Evernote. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay I'm sorry for my harsh words and anybody who are offended by them. Although all my notes are now recovered on 6.10 but losing all my notes like that freaked me out for a bit, which made me go crazy.
  2. So I now have to type Ctrl + Z to cancel a automatic numbered list. Apparently this is the only way to escape this numbered list hell. However then there is another issue following. When you type Ctrl + Z to cancel the numbered list, write some, and you want to 'select' the line by shift + end, the selection gets cancelled. For example, "1. " + (Ctrl + Z) + "Write something" + (Sfhit + End) =====> The selection is cancelled! So I have to do it one more time. (This does not seem to happen when the written text is English, but my mother tongue, which is Korean, it always occurs.) Evernote needs to stop being obsessed to add new features. It's time to go back to basics.
  3. I've noticed that since a few version updates installed, everytime I type '[number]. + space bar' EN automatically thinks it as list, and insert some indentation. I know that this feature is provided by many editors, such as MS Word. However the thing is EN (at least on Windows) was not like this, and I've been used to being nicely okay with it for so long. "1." was just "1.", not " 1." So I'd like to disable that feature and make a indented list only when I specifically want a indented list. How can I do that? Thanks in advance.
  4. Said it's recommended to encrypt your text on EN for your safe privacy. That's nice. Now I can believe that any text I encrypted will be secure even after synchronized. Then I see the dialog box saying "The encryption passphrase you entered is different than the one you previously used to encrypt note content", right after I tried to encrypt with my 'new and different' encryption password. I begin to wonder, how does EN know that? Does this imply that EN keeps my encryption password(at least locally on my desktop)?, which defeats the purpose of encryption somewhat? I am sorry if this discussion is duplicate. Thank you all in advance. EDIT : Thanks for sharing your idea here. I appreciate you all. So as I mentioned when I try to encrypt with a new password, EN warns me that the new password is different from what I used to encrypt with. It means that EN does store my encryption password that I am using as a plain text, which I think totally defeats the purpose of encryption, because if somebody else has the encryption key(the password), he/she can easily decrypt. The conclusion is as follows: 1. Encryption works when I ONLY have the key. 2. EN, however, stores the key as a plain text somewhere. 3. We do not know where the 'somewhere' is. 4. If EN tries to sync the key stored in my machine, then it automatically breaks the 1 above. So at my pure technical view, I think EN better just force the user to enter the same password twice,(like we always do when creating an account) and leave the user at his own risk. MORE EDIT: At this point I think a more secure way to keep your sensitive information in EN is : 1. Save your information in PDF. 2. Encrypt the PDF. 3. Store the PDF in EN.
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