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  1. You're awesome, Scott! Many thanks for editing the title. I'm so surprised that such a basic and essential feature is missing! It doesn't even seem complicated to program (you're essentially maintaining an ordered list of notes for each notebook and creating an insert line between two adjacent notes or at the beginning or end of edge notes). I'm very disappointed Evernote doesn't make more efforts to listen to the feedback from their community of users. I feel they're being a bit arrogant. Anyway, I haven't found a better alternative yet and I love using Bubble Browser for Evernote.
  2. If this feature has been requested for years now, why isn't it being implemented? (Btw, is it possible to change the topic title? I forgot to include FEATURE REQUEST!)
  3. It would be nice if we could exclude images or selections of text from a page before clipping it. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to use printliminator with Evernote's web clipper!
  4. Today, whether you're using Evernote in card view, expanded card view or snippet view, there's no way to easily re-order your notes. They just won't stay in the new position where you'd like them to be. It would be nice if we could re-order our notes by moving them from one place to another via drag & drop.
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