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  1. This was such a useful feature which I was using 25-30 times every day. Just pull down the notification drawer to add a new note. Super quick and very easy. The simplicity of this feature was the key - it let the user add a note with just two clicks. one click to open. one more to save. no other frills. You don't even need to see the main app window. I am now using the older legacy version. The new v10 on Android is so bad.
  2. This happens to me frequently in the Windows client. The application is "locking" the notebook while some background action is going on, I suppose, preventing that notebook from being used. Sometimes the lock stays on for a lot longer. I have seen locks that persist for more than a few seconds. Very annoying when you are in the middle of an action, having to wait for the lock to go away
  3. The intended use of the "previous" and "next" buttons are confusing. The history must ideally list all the notes that I have viewed in a session. However, the moment I expand a note the 'previous' button loses all its history. After that I can only toggle between this one note and its expanded view. Quickest way to solve this would be to knock off expanded views of notes from the Previous button's history. The history must only retain a list of notes, not how they were viewed.
  4. Ugh, this is such an annoying bug. Just retain the image in its original dimensions instead of blowing it up. When I save a picture of an article using my phone it is usually just a quick snap of a few lines. Evernote resizes it making it unreadable in the Desktop app.
  5. Seems like the only way to add a note to the shortcuts bar is from the main EN window. Am I missing something? There are many occasions when I have opened a note, either going to a notebook or through a search, but have since then moved away from that view during the course of the day. So, I have the note open, but I can't seem to drag it to the shortcuts bar. There is no option inside the note to add it to my list of shortcuts.
  6. This is a basic option that EN is missing. Most times I click pictures of newspaper/magazine articles or portion of a book, and 99 times out of 100 I want to just crop the image to keep only the essential portion that I need. It takes four clicks just to get to the Crop tool. Just add the tool as an icon *before* saving the image.
  7. Using Android's native "Share" feature to clip things like tweets do not work well. I am told apps like pocket take the item's URL and then parse the content and EN does it differently. Can EN follow these other apps in using the "share feature". For example, in the Android Twitter app choose a tweet to add to EN > click on the "share" button > choose EN as the destination > go to EN and the note says "You are on Twitter Mobile because you are using an old version of Firefox. Learn more here" instead of the actual tweet. Let's say I am reading tweets, add a few of those I want to save to EN. When I go back to EN, I have to go to the URL saved with each note to look up the tweets I shared and saved. Not productive at all. Sharing web pages in this way is even more painful. Sometimes the page is not saved at all. The formatting is awful. Once saved, it takes ages for the entire page to be visible. This feature used to work well couple of years ago but is broken. I am using a workaround of sending things to Pocket and then adding them to EN from there on, but this is again hardly productive, having to do the same thing twice.
  8. I know where the options are. When I run an import and add a few 10s of notes, you are asking me to spend more time adding spaces, instead of having a simpler option to turn off inclusion of the URL. Or just turn it off and not show it with every note. The URL can be turned off in the side list, but it still shows with the note. See my screenshot
  9. Or an option to select multiple notes and clear the URLs at one go. Useful if I import say 100 pictures...
  10. When I view a page using Clearly and add it to EN it adds a source URL that looks like this: chrome-extension://iooicodkiihhpojmmeghjclgihfjdjhj/front/in_isolation/reformat.html When I import a bunch of image files from an import folder EN adds a source URL that looks like this: D:\xxxxx\xxxxx\clips\21062010886.jpg - why would I need this? Of what use is the URL telling me the image came from the import folder? EN also adds file paths as source URLs. Like, I have copied over a few cells from an Excel sheet into EN and i get a URL like this: file:///D://financial_budget.xlsx - If I move the file reorganising my work, the URL becomes useless. There are plenty more examples. from gmail, from feedly... these are all URLs that are not static, need additional authentication and so on. In all these cases the URLs are useless. Why can't you provide an option to turn off automatic addition of source URLs instead of deciding for me which URLs are good? The useless URL takes up valuable real estate. On Windows EN, in the side list view it takes away the space that I can actually use for viewing more tags, and also for adding more tags. At the least, provide an option to turn off showing the URL
  11. Clipping works again with the new patch release, but the patch has introduced new problems. The html is stripped, and i get one big blob of text with all the formatting removed. Images in the original web page are replaced with empty grey boxes. When I try "Clip Again" I lose the clip. Says it is not available any longer. Adding the web page to Pocket and from there on to EN is the best workaround for me as of now. Also, as someone else remarked earlier on this thread, Pocket clips in a jiffy. EN takes forever.
  12. I am on Android 6.0.1 and have the same problem. It does not matter what the browser is. I am able to select text and then use the "share" feature. This copies the selected snippet into a new note. But clipping entire pages keeps failing. In Evernote, if I go to the failed note and use the "clip again" feature it begins to act like it is doing something, but after a few seconds I get the message that the note is currently unavailable. Mercifully, the URLs are saved. I used the desktop version to refresh the notes.
  13. Couldn't agree more. Many-a-times I create new tags on the fly directly on a note. When you have nearly 1000 tags try moving the newly created tag to the desired position in the tag tree. The right-click options proposed here sound great. Moving a tag to a parent should be straight-forward - notice how the same thing works in Gmail labels? When I search for a tag I don't even know which parent it is nested under. To move a tag created on a note I need to painstakingly scroll through 1000 entries to figure out the location where I want to place it.
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