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  1. Evernote has the worst support of anyone in the software industry. I don't even try to contact when I have questions or problems. I just find my way through by reinstalling, deleting, trial and error, etc. The sad part is I pay for the highest level subscription but they just don't care. Support is virtually non existent. The product is great though and that's why I continue to use it despite the lack of support.
  2. It seems to me that there is some part of the email that causes the clipper to fail. I'm running Outlook 2013 and Evernote My system does not crash but I get the "Not declaration for attribute....." error that others are reporting on this thread. For some. fully opening the email allowed the email to clip but not for me. I found that by highlighting a section of the email - such as just the body and not the senders signature (which is heavily formatted with logo,etc...) the note clips into evernote! This isn't necessarily going to work for everyone but it does work for me until the developers resolve the issue. I hope this helps someone else in the forum. Paul
  3. I have submitted tickets as well and even if I explain why the issue is "critical" I don't get a response for over a week. I expected as a Premium user I would receive better support than this.
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