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  1. Just got an email from Evernote saying that they "noticed" me still using Evernote Legacy with a survey link to explain why. My response? Lack of AppleScript support. Hopefully someone reads it and takes notice.
  2. Adding my voice of displeasure to this thread. I have a number of Hazel workflows that then go and dump data into Evernote for me. This shift and lack of support for AppleScript is unacceptable. Will try Evernote Legacy, but this premium user may start looking for other solutions.
  3. I'm curious as to why we haven't seen any progress in encrypting data at rest server-side. Client-side encryption is great, but I don't want to enter a password every single time I wish to view information. The process should be transparent. This has been a demand from the user community for a very long time, I think you'd do wonders to ease the concerns of the google haters by ensuring that our data is 100% private end-to-end, with no gaps in between. I understand the differences between Google's public services, and their cloud services for business/government. I understand that there are separations and further access controls, but with our data moving outside "the house" as it were, and with the ever growing snooping of certain federal agencies, it's time to give us full encryption.
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