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  1. Hi there, many thanks for your helpful replies. This is very dissappointing I am considering not renewing my Premium subscription to evernote because one of the key features you get with that is to be able to work offline and I cannot do that if I have to use firefox. That said Robert your advice is superb and very helpful. Firefox now much better than chrome for browsing. So I am going to switch browsers. It really is a very simple thing and so sad that the Evernote team haven't listened to your feedback. It really does let them down. I have implemented the changes you suggested Robert and at least I can continue to work in much more comfort. I had a splitting headache after work yesterday because of this. BW Barry
  2. Hi there, I love evernote, it is perfect for keeping my academic folders and annotations to texts organised. Recently I developed a problem with one of my eyes which makes working with black text on a white background painful and distressing. Do you have a high visibility option for evernote? I struggle to be able to use the white screen and find myself getting headaches after a few hours work. Let me know if there is a way I can enable a high visibility background such as black with white text. Right now evernote just become harder to use when I switch to high visibility. BW Barry
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