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  1. To the Evernote team: please note that others are experiencing this reproducible freeze, as described here: Thanks.
  2. Yes, I am experiencing the same thing. When I try to view this note in iOS, it simply shows me a blank white screen, loads nothing, and completely freezes the app. I have to view the note in the desktop client or on the web, and then I am able to view and edit.
  3. I have been experiencing a similar problem, and I elaborated on it with a reproducible example here:
  4. Hello, Certain notes have been causing the Evernote iPhone app to freeze. The most concise note I could craft that reproduces the problem is the following: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s228/sh/7f389453-07a5-4656-b198-e0dff1813116/cb6715a9438774ad When I open this in the app, it hangs and I must force quit. If I remove the indentation it fixes the problem. I am running the latest Evernote app updated (March 18, 2018). On an iPhone SE, iOS 11.2.6 Thanks, Rory
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