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  1. UPDATE & MORE INFO on the issue: Just noticed that every time I try to quit EN, there's a "A file attachment may be currently open in another app." message appearing: (see attached screen captured..), which together with the constant EN "Connecting" activity (at the bottom of my EN sidebar), might mean that EN is constantly trying to complete some auto action that never completes, thus forcing EN to act erratically. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Response to JMichael: Thx, however I try to avoid Upgrading, if necessary. Upgrading always comes with surprises and a lot of time needed for fixing and adapting to them. especially the case for 10.6.8 to 10.7.5. I will only upgrade as a last option.
  2. Thx JMichael for response. Wish I could upgrade my (Late 2007) Macbook, however It can only go up to OS10.7.5, (Lion) nothing above (Apple makes sure about that ). It still would make sense that such a basic (databrowsing & archiving) program like EN would work with my operating system. . . or even older.
  3. I have Evernote V5.5.1 free version on a Macbook OSX6.8 History: Downloaded & Worked with evernote 2 years ago for a couple of months, I abandoned it though because I found it had a few synch bugs, and I found the layout & workflow unattractive & quite complicated. I have a new work project now & wanted to give evernote another try!. ISSUE: When I launched evernote I REALIZED THAT IS NOT RESPONDING PROPERLY... 1) When I go to sidebar, and click on a specific notebook (I have 23 Notebooks on the sidebar) nothing changes on the filters notes list section. It always shows all the notes, instead of the only the notes nesting inside that specific notebook 2) At the bottom of the sidebar the word "Connecting" appears almost permanently (with the exception of when I manually synch evernote). 3) I moved a couple of notes, from one book to another, however instead on only moving them evernote also left a copy in the notebook the notes originally nested! ? Solution: Is this normal? Should I reinstall evernote? If I do, can I save the already existing notes? any other solution to fix this erratic behavior?
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